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It is finally over... The Rondo era is finally over in Beantown. What I am most surprised by is how long this took to be done. I mean this was one of the most dysfunctional working relationships in the NBA. Rondo has always been talented, but he has fought so often with management that it was surprising he lasted being on the trade block this long. He lasted years! Literally, every year he was rumored to be "nearly" traded, but something always kept Ainge from pulling the trigger. Not this time. This time the Mavs offered just the right offer: Brandan Wright Jae Crowder Jameer Nelson Future 1st Rounder Future 2nd rounder So was this enough? Seems like Ainge was lucky to get this package, considering EVERYONE knew Rondo was leaving at the end of the year. The true piece for the Celtics was Wright, who may or may not develop into a solid starter. Only time will tell if Ainge waited too long, though
@ChickenNrice I dont think the Celtics had a choice. They overplayed their hand, and waited too long. No one was going to give them more than that
I cannot believe that the Mavs got him for so cheap. If Rondo extends then wow the Mavs just picked the pocket of the Celtics.