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Dad, this woman one day came into my life and I hurt her with the cruelest words possible and pushed her away from me with all my strength. She has come to me yet again, this woman who is so alike me. When I look at her, I see myself. My scars, she also has. The tears in my head, she is also crying in her heart from the pain I have caused her. I didn’t intend to be with this woman, and I didn’t want her to barge into my life. So……I regret it, Dad. In my entire life, this is the first time I am feeling regret. I wish I was in Eun gi's position.. ~('.'<)
I wish these drama will be given a chance to end happily.. :(
that's too tragic. I want them to have a happy ending and have babies.
same here... i have my gang to murder them if they dont... they've gone through alot already..let them be happy..reminds me of autumn in my heart.... tragic!!
One thing that intrigues me is that if they "were" allowed by the writer to get a happy ending, >.<
@neaa That is in recent episode (episode 12) .. I would die to get Eun gi's position..
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