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slide glove help

so my gloves arrived today and i took em out for a few runs and the fingers are already tearing these are my absolute first pair of gloves using em and owning them any tips for a newb if you had a similar problem how did you overcome it when im riding i practice just placing the puck on the ground and making contact and getting used to it any help will be much apreciated
what I did with my old gloves is I just cut the fingers off. that way I know better then to use them
I have triple 8s and they have pucks across your fingers and on your thumb with Kevlar tipped fingers and they haven't ripped yet been using them for a few years just replace the pucks
but next time get ones with finger and thumb pucks and they will last forever.
it's gonna happen no matter what you do. many aspects of a slide are controlled with your fingertips. I'll post a pic of my gloves later. let's just say it hurts to put my fingers down so I learned not to
I've been having the same problem.
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