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slide glove help
so my gloves arrived today and i took em out for a few runs and the fingers are already tearing these are my absolute first pair of gloves using em and owning them any tips for a newb if you had a similar problem how did you overcome it when im riding i practice just placing the puck on the ground and making contact and getting used to it any help will be much apreciated
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Put puck lower on your palm this will help to not slide your fingers across the ground because when you put pressure there your fingers should naturally curl up
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Everyone tells me homemade gloves last the longest and are the cheapest. If I make some ill def post!
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truthfully i fell very discouraged i know its maybe that i am still new to gloves but seeing them shreded on the day i got em really made me upset ill ever buy gloves again if anything im gunna make a pair for myself i could make a pair for under 15$ im really gunna try to do the duct tape idea and also placing the puck lower right now the gloves are still useable its just im putting them away until i can get some duct tape
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ill never**
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yea its pretty easy to rip them, it sucks but it happens, the duct tape hardly gets shredded unless you're really pressing down on the concrete but I doubt you're touching it that much
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