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Another night. Another loss. This one, at least, was a competitive game. Without Melo, the Knicks were able to hang in there against a Rose-less Bulls team. While the game was interesting, the news that came out before the game was the real interesting part: Carmelo admits he has been "advised" to sit out games. He mentioned that many of his closest advisers have told him not to rush his ailing knees. Apparently, they told him to shut it down for a few weeks. While, I do appreciate Melo's competitiveness, I also agree that rest would be best for him and the team. We need a healthy Melo for the future, not for this lost season. I just wonder, though, who these "advisers" are... Could it be that Knicks management is already considering tanking?
@ChickenNrice if he sits out for the whole year, then you know that they are ready to tank...
Yeah he needs to take it easy. It's a lost season and in basketball, you want as little wear as possible on those knees. Might as well save them for next season