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It's the time of the year where our family oven gets (over) used. We're happy about spending time over food and hanging out with friends and children. However, after all those fun, it's time to let the oven go on a spa retreat. Here's a DIY recipe our family always use for cleaning the oven. It does a great job of removing grease and burnt on food. What you need: ¼ cup castile soap or concentrated dish detergent 1 cup baking soda ½ cup coarse sea salt or kosher salt warm water, for rinsing plus more for paste, if needed distilled white vinegar, for rinsing Cleaning Instruction: 1. Make a paste out of the soap, baking soda, and salt, adding a little water, if needed. 2. Apply to the interior of the oven and let sit for several hours, preferably overnight. 3. Dip a sponge or scrubbing brush into the warm water and wash the interior clean. 4. Spray interior with some distilled white vinegar to rinse away any excess paste residue.