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Spectre is Certainly a James Bond Movie
The trailer for the latest James Bond movie was released today and, well, it's definitely a movie. It's totally a James Bond movie. And that's really about it. Explosions? Check. Guns? Check. Car chases? Check. Gadgets? Check. Christoph Waltz? Check! I know I'm coming off a little harsh, so I'm going to come clean. I've watched every James Bond movie. I've sat through each one and they're all the goddamn same. Bond is a ladies man that never makes mistakes and drinks martinis. He always breaks Q's gadgets. He always gets out of a jam and he always has sex. Every single movie, he's having sex. James Bond is the quintessential Male Power Fantasy. He's who boys wish they can grow up to become and he's who old men wish they currently were. There is absolutely nothing interesting about James Bond (says the guy who's watched every single goddamn movie, right?). Bond seems like the old dog in a race filled with young pups. We are evolving and becoming aware, we aren't a stupid audience anymore. We (at least I) can see how formulaic these films have become. Nothing new has happened in the Bond series of films in a long time... Actually, wait that's not true. The last James Bond movie, Skyfall, had one scene (above) in particular that was so interesting, so new, that it literally woke me up as I heard it. Actually, it was the best part of the movie that immediately got thrown away (and I'm still kind of mad about that). In the scene, Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) runs his hands down James Bond's thighs and says, "First time for everything, yes?" To which Bond replies: "What makes you think this is my first time?" My head nearly exploded because in the span of a split second, I thought "Oh my god, James Bond is queer as fuck and that's awesome!" But no, it didn't happen. It was a quick throwaway line of dialogue that most people didn't even notice. And it probably won't be mentioned in future films. If they decided to add to Bond's character or change him or maybe just, you know, fucking round him out, I'd be more excited for Spectre. [note: I'll probably still end up seeing the movie, provided my dad pays for it and I get to have a large popcorn]