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(work in progress) . just started reading Tokyo Ghoul : RE and was inlove with the new characters , specifically the grouo who is led by none other than kaneki ~ the "quinx" .
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thanks @sanityscout. welp I use watercolor as my medium :)
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Hehe that show was cra cra
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Actually, after I posted the comment I looked again and suspected watercolor. I also love to work in watercolors. I feel like I can get more subtle, progressive tones that way. I still have trouble with flesh tones, though.
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ikr , I like the grunge they give. Im still having trouble with the skin tone as well , its hard to make them consistent . but thats whats good about watercolours it helps you be more recreational and much more in tune with your colors , since , aa what ive stated before its hard to make them consistent.
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this actual looks like legit artwork,good shit dude!! :D
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