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its too cold to even get a good ride in. Ugh. Winter sucks. In the meantime I'm going to be content riding back and forth on my kitchen floor. Oh, the sacrifices you make just to get the *smallest* amount of thrill. Can't forget about good ol' riding on the treadmill. Haha!
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Its a pretty chill winter for me so far. I honestly dont care what happens as long as theres no snow. N thats just so I can still drive seeing as how I never bought a winter car this year.
yeah was in the 30's all day and yesterday was icy... it'll warm up as soon as as I go back to work :(
My mom used to bust me for skating the treadmill lol!
It's so cold outside and it was sleeting. Ewww. And tomorrow we may get snow.
crank that treadmill up to elevation 12! then turn on the speed! lol