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Even when we've been with someone for years - much less a short length of time - it's really hard to come up with presents to give that really express how we feel. Nothing kills a holiday's relationship vibe like opening a gift that is empty of connection or emotion. Don't worry though - here are some suggestions for gifts you can gift either on their own or along with something else that isn't primarily love or emotion-based. 1. If you're a long-term couple with kids, gift them the opportunity to have an evening to themselves to do whatever they want, guilt-free. For my husband, that means Friday Night Magic gaming at our local comic book store. For me, it would probably be a day of time with my friends for rare beauty pampering, a massage, or a babysitter-facilitated date night of relaxed bookstore browsing and dinner out. Last year one of my best gifts was a series of evening group guitar lessons on my own. 2. These next two ideas I got from @WordDoctor's post on joyful marriages: Thanks! Buy them some lessons to learn something they've always wanted to know about. Some ideas including drawing or painting lessons, carpentry, sailing, etc. You know your partner best! 3. A playlist or mix CD. It can be a sappy collection of songs that express your love more obviously, or, in my case, I'd love to get a mix made up of new music that I've missed. I love indie music but I never have time to keep up anymore with what's happening in that world. I'd really appreciate a chance to catch up on new tunes! 4. A photo album, scrapbook or photobook. These days all of our pictures are usually stored on our computers or devices. It's awfully convenient and great at saving space, but unfortunately not nearly as fun or easy to look at, in my opinion. Choose an event or a theme to collect and get creative. Make a book of photos and/or keepsakes that your loved one can browse, touch and reminisce with. 5. Are you tea or coffee addicts? Do you see your mug more than your partner? Then make sure they think of you when they see it! There are great DIYs out there online for personalized mugs that can be as simple as writing with a Sharpie. You can make couple mugs like the ones in the DIY link I attached, or you can choose quotes from their favorite books or movies. Get creative! You could even do a High Fidelity-style Top Five Things I Love About You or Top Five Reasons You Are Awesome. That will give them a boost during the day!
I love the mug idea! The hard part will be deciding what to write on them...
ne too .. i love it
ne too .. i love it