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According to this article from the BBC, Instagram just purged *millions* of accounts that they deemed to be spam. I can understand the company wanting to get rid of spammers cluttering up the site so that users can get better material, but many are upset because a) some legitimate accounts got caught up in the purge and b) people lost A LOT of followers. For one, Justin Bieber lost 3,538,228 followers. Rapper Akon reportedly lost 56% of his followers. The official Instagram account lost 18,880,211 followers. Some people were even calling it the "Instagram Rapture." Hah! It really makes me think about these power users and how much of their follower base is often padded with spammers. I had no idea it could be so many. Were you affected by this spam purge? Did you see a decrease in your followers? Do you think they should use a lighter touch?
I'm glad they did this because I'd follow so many accounts that just spammed me, so I'd unfollow them anyway. But as far as me getting unfollowers, I've only gotten one, and who knows, that could have been a person.
I didn't lose any just yet, I don't think.