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Neil Patrick Harris - The Terrifying?

Are you a fan of American Horror Story? I watched most of the first season, but unfortunately it's a little much for me. I'm a scaredy-cat! I might get pulled back in, though - now that I know that the ever-wonderful Neil Patrick Harris is going to be making an appearance! The closest I've seen him to horror is his adorable, sensitive super-villain in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. But I guess that doesn't count. Haha! NPH will be guest-starring for American Horror Story: Freak Show - and guess what? There's a sneak peek! The video is attached. He's playing a killer ventriloquist. Can't get much creepier than ventriloquist dummies and non-magic sawing tricks. I guess Dr. Horrible got his wish of becoming truly frightening and terrible! What's your prediction? Will my love of NPH's lovability and quirkiness get me through, or will this terrifying portrayal ruin NPH forever?
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