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I am not @woodonwheels but I just had an experience with this (dare I say it?) bitch. I was rockin out to my alt j (its a band, if you haven't heard it then you haven't lived) and she yells at me like full on screaming. She says "GET OFF THIS PARKING LOT ITS NOT SAFE ITS DANGEROUS ILL TAKE THAT BOARD AND TELL THE PRINCIPAL" and I don't even go to that school anymore, I go to the high school where even the adults are more mature. I just said "k" and skated past her. Then she followed me with that soccer mom fast walk, but she couldn't keep up. She's a literal spawn of satan, if I was closer to her she would've ripped me off my board. And there was like nobody driving in the parking lot either, she's nuts. And she was wearing a leather jacket like @woodonwheels said. Have you guys ever had an experience like this?
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It's a resort area thing. Not a big deal people still skate. If a cop see you they tell you to kick rocks so they don't have to ticket you. If you're a dick about it they ticket you quick. Most cops are cool about so it's just 50/50 sometimes.
@VictorEnriquezJ @AlbertDeCastro most places skating is illegal because of the city ordinances but in my town I've only had a few cops give me a problem.
Cities always pass illegal laws. I know it sounds ironic but it's true! I'm no lawyer but I know that cars have the privilege to drive and pedestrians, cyclists ect. have the right. Except for certain highways where it's posted. So fight the power guys! Get politically active and take back your streets!
Never had cops give me and @woodonwheels a problem, maybe just cause this town is kinda one big retirement community. It's mostly old people that live here, and they keep to themselves. Occasionally you get a cranky, lonely old coot but not often.
I've only been stopped once by a cop and it wasn't bad. I get a lot of stares though. and dogs ugh hate the dogs