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I got a comment on the first card in this collection that made me realize that not all android phones and tablets users know what android tv-boxes are, so I decided to start from the beginning. Android tv-boxes are devices that run Android OS, and are designed to use a TV display ( or in fact, any HDMI connectible display ) as their screen. The devices come in two major forms. The first one is the Android dongle, that looks like a somewhat bloated disk-on-key and simply plugs into the Screen's HDMI port. The second, like the one I have, is the miniature media center. Devices of this form come equipped with an external power supply, a wireline network connector, one or more USB ports, and usually some additional audio/video interfaces. In this series, I will focus on the media center form boxes, which does not mean that I think the dongle form is a bad option. Both forms use the same chipsets, and present similar capabilities, so it's really a matter of choosing what is best for your needs. If you just want to turn your HDTV into a smart TV, go for a dongle. On the other hand, if you want to replace you old media center with something more advanced and flexible, go for the media center form. In the next card in the series, I will describe more in detail the different options you may have, selecting a tv-box device.
@adelerosa05 , what do you mean?
@oreshani7 unless you have An Android TV device
@adelerosa05 , but a very different user experience
just get An Android Wear TV or smart watch. same content. different devices
Thank you for the explanation!