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Butterflies-never knew the coexistence of it, until you introduced me to them, a wonderful Butterfly world you were. I always used to think ,why did i come across a butterfly like you, Its all Destiny my heart said. Like a Butterfly, You entered from nowhere, left a life long of memories, and disappeared like a butterfly. Why i loved a Butterfly, Its because i choose to. Although there were many differences. Although i realized later i could not hold the butterfly forever. I ask myself,why choose strange path, Its the work of destiny is what i get as an answer. How a Butterfly inspires you is strange, Strange were the outcome of the inspiration It isnt strange as it sounds, Its strange that in the things i did. How colorful the days were, I discovered a new butterfly in you everyday Some memories i wish i could live in them forever. But Reality Knocks me down, It Knocks me down Hardly, It says,this butterfly is same as the other butterflies that i have come across. I refused to accept.Why,I dont think words could simply describe it. I think Reality Wins Over in this battle, The Cause of the Transformation shall remain as a mystery, And i wish it to be that way. Aladin
@Aladin I hope the exams went well! Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing more writing form you in the future.
Thank you very much @Kaitlynnjanae and @greggr for your valuable Feedback.:).I am sorry for the late reply as i have been busy with my colg exams.Regarding the capitalizations,there isn't much significance behind it.I believe I have used it to reflect the feelings of the lover.
@KaitlynnJanae I was having a similar issue, actually! I read it a few times and I'm getting some really nice sentiments (the idea that everyone we love is fleeting, in some ways, like a butterfly) but I was also confused by the capitalization and a few unclear lines. @Aladin Could you give us some direction on this?
I really like this Its very different!! Beautiful!!
I'm having a hard time really understanding each line here. or if there's significance in capitalizing some words throughout the piece.