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truck setup

so im thinking of getting these pair of trucks roadside venom 90a barricle boardside 90a venom barrel bushings oppinions on atlas trucks? pros and cons im trying to get into freeriding is this a ood bushing setup ?
I would get ride of the pivot cups asap they suck
mine have 81a orange elims on them and they're sweet! as stiff as they may seem, @mpoblete , with atlas trucks are really fluid and carvy feeling to begin with (because of the ball pivot), so for me it's like a perfect balance. I'd say she was right if I had gotten much higher than 81a though.
This looks like a stiffer ride. I wish I could see how the bushing seat looks like.
I've read alot of positive things on atlas I was actually thinking between these and ronins and decided to go with ronins, but as far as atlas they are forged, 10mm axels milled to 8mm, all and all I think they are good for the money.
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