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This is an incredible haul for any GM, much less a brand new GM. But this is what AJ Preller has done in his first few months on the job as Padres GM. The Padres have long established themselves as non-players in the NL West, but you would have to say that their new found OF power trio will put them in the thick of the race. What is most amazing about all of this is that they have done this while not giving up any major assets, as well as not receiving a lot of salary. Myers is relatively cheap, Upton is 1 year from becoming a FA (so no long term commitment), and the Padres received money in order to take Kemp off of the Dodgers' hands... Talk about a bounty. But do they have enough to contend?
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@EightyNine that doesnt mean that they are ready to contend. I still am not convinced. I do not trust Myers yet, and Upton is going about as inconsistent as you can get... Such a disappointment considering what he was projected to be. The only one I can see being big is Kemp right now
I'll believe it when I see it with the Padres. They've been mediocre for too long now