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The Yankees are pitching hungry. They know that they have absolutely no dependable SP next year. They have tantalizing talent, but this is not a rotation that has anyone really ready to give you a guaranteed 200 innings. Lets take a look as to why: 1) Masahiro Tanaka => Incredible talent, and may be an ace in the making. The problem? He had an elbow injury that may have needed Tommy John Surgery, but he opted for rehabilitation. Will he hold up this year though? 2) Michael Pineda => He was a monster last year. His era was 1.89 but only pitched 76 innings! He is basically an unproven talent that looks like a developing unstable monster. Can he stay healthy? If he can, he can absolutely become the 1a. to Tanaka. 3) Ivan Nova => Will not be eligible to return until May. He is coming off Tommy John surgery so who knows how he will hold up or how effective he will be. It will be too much to expect him to pitch an effective 200 innings this upcoming year. 4) CC Sabathia => The once ace of this staff has fallen so far, so quickly. This is due to many things, including knee issues. While Sabathia may no longer be able to anchor the staff, he could be a very solid #3 or #4. But can he stay healthy? So as I said, this is a staff that could be absolutely dominating, but can they stay healthy. This is why the Yankees are willing to risk their 2B to a rookie in order to get a dependable arm for the rotation. You want 1000 innings from your rotation, but I think the Yanks will be ecstatic to get 800 or so from this bunch.
@ChickenNrice I think too much was made about that... He was just dumb about it... but to say that it actually helped him, well then those people are pretty dumb about baseball too lol
Isn't Pineda the guy that used pine tar? lol