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GOT7 - A BTS - War of Hormone Big Bang - Lies CNBlue - Love Girl B.A.P - Stop It B1A4 - Beautiful Target Teen Top - Miss Right K.will - Day 1 Nu'est - Hello SHINee - Replay Why did I do this? I dunno. I just think there's lots of videos where they follow girls!! I didn't include more than 1 song of a single artist(only solo on here is K.Will though)/group. Like 90% of Big Bang songs are following girls in the videos. xD Let me know if you know of any more! I would think 2PM 10/10 is one, and in some of the others, girls are chasing them. :p
got 7 latest song is good stop it
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BTS!!!!!! I love War Of Hormone!!!!!
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So funny. I love a lot of these songs and I never really noticed the theme!!
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