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My husband and I love playing games - and not just the video kind. Board games are often way more social and exciting in that way. You can look people in the eye - even if it is a stink-eye when they pull a move on you! We'd love to pass on our love of board games to our son, and now I have another way to do it! One of our favorite games is Settlers of Catan (we've just played the normal edition - not the other versions). There's some bad blood between my husband and I when it comes to Settlers - but we still love it! Well, I was checking in on one of my favorite Geek and Sundry shows on YouTube - TableTop with Wil Wheaton - and saw that he did a kid edition featuring Catan: Junior. I didn't even know there was a Junior Edition! Our son is not quite old enough for it (it's made for kids 6-9), but he will be soon! I attached the TableTop video episode here so you can check it out. Do you like Settlers? What's your favorite strategy?