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So every year that I can remember I've always had an early Christmas because of people's jobs. this year had to be the a new board to add to my quiver.the beer can oat soda do. oh was going fur the 42 in but I'll do with the 35in. Also got some new land yachtz free ride gives. No more making my own and finally a helmet and pads. I'll give a review of the board once it stops pouring
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it's surprisingly light.same weight as my original free ride 38
Awesome. I can't wait to see your review on it.
I'm about to say Fuck it and go riding.That's a main reason I got it.It's just laying here with everything else teasing me
Well it's a metal board so water won't warp it, maybe go play in the rain haha! But since it's new I'd be on the fence too
Awesome stuff and yeah it'd be driving me crazy not getting to ride it...just chill and wait you'll get plenty of dry roads soon enough