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Besides the kitchen, the bedroom is my favorite place in the home. I even feel guilty for studying on my bed (during college). I normally do all my readings while leaning on a pillow with a blanket over my shoulder. It's so comfortable I tend to have a stack of book next to my bed. The pile will start off with 2-3 books but ends up with 7-8 books by the end of the month. As a new year resolution, I wanted to transform my room into a library bedroom. I know it sounds weird. However, what could be cozier than being surrounded by a tons of books? After some browsing here are a few favorite bedroom nook I'm considering to implement. Bedroom 1 from Period Living: I love the vintage mirror and the shelving against dusty pink pattern wallpaper. Bedroom 2 from Fantastic Frank: I was intrigued by the built-in-shelves closet. I wonder how long it took to arrange this setup. Bedroom 3 from D Magazine: I usually stray away from dark interior, but this is an exception. The bedding, the chair and the shelves looks perfect for a library getaway. Bedroom 4 from Desire to Inspire: After seeing this interior I want wish I had an attic bedroom. I love the geometric shelving. Bedroom 5 from The Village: Please...take me to Paris now. Bedroom 6 from Domino: Hanging shelves above the bed? Genius space saver!
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I like the smell of books in my bedroom. Personally, bedroom 2 is my style.