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As ambitious as "Game of Thrones" is to attempt to translate the books from "A Song of Fire & Ice" by George R.R. Martin into a cable TV series - I've decided to tackle pencil illustrations of the myriad characters from the books (as they are presented on GOT). Here is Khal Drogo... A fun character to draw for he has a "superhero" physique. Not something you get to draw often when you deal in realism and real people. :D My technical approach to this illustration is the same I've used for the past several years - Vellum Bristol Board (9x12) - 8B, 6B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, F, HB, 2H, 4H, 6H, graphite in both wooded and mechanical pencils (mechanical pencils are 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9mm). I use bending cones, several fine erasers, two sizes of mechanical erasers, wooded erasers (you can sharpen like a pencil for ultra-detailed work), and I use my index finger and chamois cloth to blend. This is about 6 hours of work.
I've never heard of wooded erasers! They sound awesome. Where did you get them? Blick?
I got mine from a locally owned art supply store. Blick does carry them. they are Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencils. come in a two pack