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my trailer unhooked from my truck on to the middle of the highway with my longboard and all my luggage my longboard all my stuff is okay a no one got hurt. i have a bigger adrenaline rush then when i go down a steep hill. p.s i live in chicago and we are in texas right now on a drive to go to mexico
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Your first response was to take a snapchat of it?
Shit thats horrible and hilarious. One time when I was young my father n I were on our way to go camping. Then outta no where one of our propane tanks did this same thing. It was horrible and hilarious as well. Glad you're all good btw! Safe travels homes.
@DanielSpazJames no i took this after everything was moved to the side
Okay that's good
happened to me once.....had a tractor on it..the whole thing was hanging on the safety hooks.....when we stopped, the momentum carried the trailer under the truck, an the tractor slammed into the tail gate.......the guy that hooked it got in trouble, but the boss was just happy nobody got hurt..