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I've checked every day for new posts of things people have gotten from their boxes.. Only makes me more anxious to get mine!! Ahhhh I can't wait! From the looks of things, people have gotten some pretty rad stuff! Somebody just recently got A BRAND NEW WOLFSHARK. And a few people have gotten the older models of the Charlie Horse (only one person got the newer model I believe) which I am super jealous of!
Might be opening mine today. I just threw up twice, so probably won't be able to skate today. I need to get my fluids back. Ugh. Anyway yea I'm stoked for mine too, hoping it isn't a pintail haha
You better post like freaking fast when you get yours lol!
I bet all we will see is a blur of paper and box with this huge smile in the middle!
Hahaha yup!@drlizardo
@drlizardo ohh man you have no idea how fast I'm gonna post! Hahaha!@steezus aw that sucks. Hope you feel better!