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wow.. a century!! thanks to all for all the love and support.. i never thought i'd ever reach a the first place i never thought i'd make friends..that's why i did not write a 100 followers..but a 100 friends..who've stood up and fought for me..cheered me up..and made me feel at home ..i have so many memories of fun here.. i still miss the rooting for shiwon-yoonjae..and how it lead to the formation of Murder the Scriptwriters Gang (#MTSG)...and also the faith vs arang poll.. omg..168 votes...1686 comments..77 likes...and so many friends!! thankyou..for loving me!!
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wow... 100 followers neaa... that's awesome!! congratulations!! ^^
thankyou you all!!!
@meli aww..thankyou :)
congrats!!! its nice to have new friends here!!
chaileeminho thank you!!