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Cloud rides!?!

So has anyone ridden any of the cloud ride ozones and if so which duro would you recommend for a newbie freerider? They look nice and I'm thinking of putting them on a set up when I get the money.
don't touch cloud ride wheels if your learning to slide there not for begginers
honestly I would start with a softer stickier wheel till you build your strength and abiliby to break the wheels loose then when your comfy goin sideways get a harder duro and ull love the results. you will slide with ease having built those muscles
What I mean by grip is they have a nicely difined hook up point.
I've been riding my friend's 86a minis off and on, and I have to say they break out TONS easier than my venoms, and I definitely recommend something softer for a beginner, like Cadillacs. Those wheels in 78a are SUPER easy to slide on for a beginner, and the softness makes the slide really controllable.
I had the 83a ozones. They were a fun wheel. they've got some grip to them so it pushes your speed into slides.
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