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Previously, it had been reported thatDoojoon‘s role in ‘IRIS 2‘ was confirmed, and that he would beplaying agent Yoon Shi Hyuk. However that was just speculation and plans have now been finalized, and it has been revealed that he will actually be playingSeo Hyun Woo, anNSSelite agent. Seo Hyun Woo is a confident, bright agent who is adept at everything including shooting, martial arts, code breaking, and foreign languages. Not only that, but he will have a heart wrenching love triangle with the main charactersJang HyukandLee Da Hae. Doojoon has proven his acting skills before in both dramas and movies, so fans are highly anticipating his role in the drama. He is planning to showcase an intense charisma that will rivalT.O.Pin the first ‘IRIS‘.
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