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I'm gonna start learning how to speak Korean. My goal for 2015!
me too...Im starting this year seriously...
Omo, her korean is good :)
Korean would be my third language. I've also learned Spanish @nenegrint14 :) So I guess I'll have to be cautious haha.
@Allyphernelia I saw a LOT of New York ones. Here's one for just hanging out and talking about Korean movies/dramas/K-Pop: and then here's one that meets in Midtown that's for doing all of that but studying Korean too: My very good friend Heejin from Seoul was a part of that group for a while, and she liked it a lot! It's really fun to make friends from South Korea. That way, whenever you end up visiting the country yourself, you have a lot of close friends to show you around!
@nenegrint14 It's free to join the actual group, but then they usually meet at a restaurant or at Korean karaoke (noraebang), so whatever you might be paying, it would be for food or singing karaoke or whatever. But it gives you a chance to meet people and you can always hang out with them outside the group! I've met a lot of Korean foreign exchange students through groups like this, and it's really fun being able to hang out in your city as a tourist with them, giving them a tour of your hometown and helping them try all of the local food while learning about their culture too.
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