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I always have a whole lot of tissue paper floating around, especially during the holidays. This year I'm going to use some of it to make this beautiful Christmas Tree craft with my toddler. I think I may actually have most of these materials around the house already! Materials: - dark blue/grey sheet of cardstock paper - 1 full sheet of white cardstock paper and a 1/2 sheet of white cardstock - brown cardstock paper - dark and light green tissue paper - school glue - ruler - scissors - hole punch - pencil ** If you don't have cardstock around and don't feel like going to the store, you could probably make a less durable version with construction paper. How To: - Start by covering half of a sheet of white cardstock paper with glue and squares of dark and light green tissue paper. You can help your toddler add the glue to the paper, then they can have fun putting the tissue paper squares on themselves. - After the sheet is completely covered in tissue paper squares, let it dry completely. - Once dry, turn the paper over and use a ruler to help draw three triangles on the back. They don't have to be all the same size. Then cut out your triangles. - Cut snow hills out of your full sheet of white cardstock paper and glue them onto a dark blue sheet of cardstock paper. Then glue your triangle trees on top of the hills. - Cut brown tree trunks out of brown paper and glue them to your trees. Also, glue white hole punched circles as snow all over your paper. You can find the full tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things by following the attached link. Have fun!