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I can't wait to unwrap my Ehler's Switch Ninja and FreeSoul trucks in 4 days! It's my first long board but last year I got ZaZa Canadian Ice wheels (70mm 85a), which are made by Ehler's, and I've been riding them on my skateboard all year trying to learn how to slide. Anyone have anything to say about the deck or the trucks? I went with this deck cuz I loved it, it was my first choice, but I went with the FreeSoul trucks, made by Ehler's, because they were $35 a set, I would have preferred some Atlas's but $$$
@ThtYoungElwoodJ lol. I just game my parents a bunch of links to get longboard stuff at.
My parents would never put it under the tree because I have X-ray vision. Lol.
@RichardSchafer I had to help my grandpa order it because he's lost on the internet so I know exactly what's in the box lmao
looks like a fun setup hope you have fun m8
That's so considerate of you. I hope the trucks ride amazingly.
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