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I remeber being a kid playing football and how fun it was. How great it was to even see my friends. To just see them for a second. Nothing ever on my mind but having fun, pure joy. Now I ponder the dark nights and grey clouds. I wish for the sweet comfort of the guided hand to show me my resting place. I ask for an answer to the millions of questions. I hope for peace but it never comes except to be swept away by a diligent hatred. The sun shines today, unusual for the week. The clouds stretch across the sky reaching from shades of blue to orange and to pink. It is as if God speaks down to us all; It may be a sad day filled with tragic loss but there is still hope, you can warn your frozen heart and break the ice on your soul. Look to the skies, look at the massive beauty that hangs over us all today. Look at how I've opened the dark storm clouds so that on this particular day I could shine my light down to you. I don't want you hurt anymore. I don't want you torn between the choices of good and evil. I want you to be free to yourself, the way I created you. I don't mock you or torment you for no reason. I want you to break and become even more yourself. I want you to know that even the gravest sadness is important and not forever. And when it is time I will grace you as you do to me with a hug of peace and love.
When it is time, we will all be graced with a hug of peace and love, and that @WyattHaste is an image I won't be forgetting anytime soon. Very nice.
Thank You for this...blessings...