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Christopher Golightly from Super Star K borrowed US $30,000 from her ex Korean girl friend and he didn't pay his debt. When his ex-girl friend asked him to pay back, he intimidated her by saying that he would never get her away with it, if she sues him. What a !!! He had sexual relationships with his fans, which became a problem in Korea last year. He told police that there was cultural difference. Well, I want to ask Americans. Does this really make sense in US?
Thank you so much for your answers. I'm worrid if Korean would just think that's normal in US. I think Korean should know that it is not even close to the real American standard!
No it doesn't make sense in the U.S. either. He's a jerk in any culture. Some people have groupies, but typically those are rock stars (which is expected) not pop stars. The cultural difference is the excuse that foreign guys use to act like jerks in Asia
That guy is a prick!! That is such bullsh*t! That is not American style. I hate the fact that Americans get such a bad rep because of morons like him that just claim that the stupid sh*t they do it because it is a cultural difference. Stupid is stupid in all cultures. A jerk is jerk in all cultures. ****ing moron!!