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I'm gonna pass up a Loaded Tesseract for an Earthwing NLS. The Tessy is so freaking beautiful, but we didn't mesh at first ride. :x I felt like I was cheating and having an affair, hahaha! I had to come clean! Should be mine in a couple of weeks. Maybe after I come back from Texas. Gonna get rid of some girlfriends so I can get one.
@drlizardo I'm not going to mention so I don't jinx it, but it's in New York City to work for that network we all watch for sports. Lol should be an easy guess! Just don't say it lol!
I love the design and the fact that it's symmetrical. However, the NLS suited me more. It was way more comfortable for my riding stance. Some other time I will get a Tessy. Crossing my fingers I get this big job.
Wow for only $100!? @OracioDiaz where at!!?
Tessy not worth it
I still gotta get rid of some gf's to make this happen. Unless someone is willing to trade. Bbl lol
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