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Ronin's have almost no slop.

That is a good thing but then wait slop is a positive thing. But then again maybe it isn't. I get what he's saying then I'm not so sure. Tell me what you think!
Yeah this guy has no clue what he's talking about. All cast ronin's need are some riptide pivot tubes and they're good. These trucks are for fast freeride and DH. If you're worried about road vibrations then you've got the wrong trucks. This video applies to people that carve and cruise. Those types of riders look to get rid of "harshness"
Plus if you run your pivot too soft they won't feel stable at speeds.
he does, just not good at explaining this lol @DanielSpazJames watch their other videos
Doesn't seem like he really knows what he's talking about.
Slip is a bad thing it is a flaw in trucks that's why every company seeks to get rid of it when he says harshness he's talking about the vibrations from the road which doesn't really affect the ride but slop does
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