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“It puts us in a position to unlock a series of secrets about devastating diseases, that have remained hidden for centuries, for the whole of human kind.” British life sciences minister George Freeman is proud to say that the UK is not looking to fix its health care system, rather how to gear it up to solve the great diseases of our time. Under this particular plan, 11 Genomics Medicine Centers are being set up in English hospitals to gather DNA information to help devise treatments for a wide range of diseases, especially cancer. Their aim is to sequence 100,000 genomes within 3 years in order to develop new tests and drugs. This is a noble and refreshing undertaking, to say the least. The initiative is essentially trying to take aim at the idea that we cannot do anything against these diseases. They want to see at what point there are genetic mutations that cause these disease to be better prepared to combat them, and eventually cure them. How amazing would that be? A world where cancer can be stopped with a vaccine… While it excites me to think about this, it makes me wonder how far our own health care system has to go in the US. I mean we are still trying to figure out what is the best way to give health care to our entire population, while nations like the UK are figuring out how to gear their NATIONAL health care system for curing cancer! Isn’t that just a little sad? I heard so much about Obama care for so long, but almost everyone I have talked to has told me that they are somewhat disillusioned. What is worse is that we still cannot even come to an agreement on how to fix the health care issue… How can we help the world cure cancer when we can’t even cure our own system?