5 years ago
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I dont know anything about the quote.. for all i know.. CITY HUNTER
when i saw this on facebook... i didnt read the quote,, i was like...ohh..lee min ho!!
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Its okay ive been brainwashed also...my friends all think im strange to be obsessed with a show in a language i dont understand...im a drama ho...hehehe
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i can so relate..my brother actually tells me..how can you pay attention to the drama while reading subs? he never seema to understand..all i can sayis..multitasking!
5 years ago·Reply
mens brains can never understand the concept of multitasking
5 years ago·Reply
haha...yo baby..we gals rock!
5 years ago·Reply
yea nd i cn only smile to them ;weirdo they say ^^ haha
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