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Once in a while I have a love-hate relationship with shopping. Planning for purchases is fun but avoiding purchases is another story. You know the feeling of passing by your favorite store and see the big sale sign staring back at you? Whenever I clean out my closet I realize how much money I spent on things I don't really use. Thankfully, I've come to develop some tactic for shopping. This is especially useful when it comes to managing a family of 5. 1. Unsubscribe from all those flash sale emails. Everything time I receive emails from J Crew's flash sale I feel the urgency to purchase. Instead of letting those email tempt me I either send them to 'promotion' inbox or unsubscribe to get it out of my face. 2. Make a 'wish' list. I like keeping a list of things I want and save it on a wish list. It's a way to combat impulsive purchases online. I like to let things sit on that list for a couple of weeks before buying. In the end, I decide that I don't really need it. 3. If I can't decide between two items, it's a sign I may not need either one. Every time I hesitate between two items (especially shoes) I decide not to buy them. The logic is - if I have to debate between the two then I don't really feel strongly about either of them. 4. Find small ways to satisfy craving for newness. I realized a big part of my love for shopping is the feeling of having something new. Instead if purchasing the latest designer bag or home electronic I let myself have a little impulsive buy every few weeks or once a month. I purchase small household items like kitchen towels, candles, magazine, or cups. Those things are not expensive and it fun without the remorse of big purchases.