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I'm sorry everyone this is pretty late, I was planning to have this done on Friday but I've been soooooo busy. As you all know it's Christmas week and as I imagine most of you are very busy I will not be holding a formal playlist challenge this week, however, if any of you want to put together a Christmas themed playlist that would be cool just don't forget to tag me so I can add it to the collection. Thanks all <3 @kpopandkimchi @danidee @honeysoo @nenegrint14 @sherrysahar @Cryomorph @Allyphernelia @SakuraBlossom96 @Christy @aabxo @jiggzy19 @chasinghapiness Once again I apologise if I forgot to tag anyone, it wasn't intentional I assure you :) Credit to the owner of this awesome photo :)
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I'm going to do this one for sure! :)
@aabxo Happy Holidays to you as well :)
Done! 😋
@MattK95 Even if I'd wanted to my lack of Internet impedes me :c Greetings from (Cold) Mexico though :)
@SakuraBlossom96 it's not a problem, I hope you can enjoy everyone else's lists at least, and I hope you had a safe and very merry Christmas, if it's something you celebrate :) oh and happy new year!!!