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It's almost time for family get gathering! Instead of sitting with the group talking, eating and watching the flat screen try spending the night with some Jimmy Fallon inspired games! These games can easily be adjusted to holiday themes. Facketball For a little DIY action in your holiday party prep, throw together these rudimentary face hoops and act like a kid again with your cousins. Box of Lies This will be great if you're spending the holidays at a relative's house full of tchotchkes. Five Second Summaries Got a super competitive family? Describe a movie in under 5 seconds! Catchphrase This is a game unifier if you got a family that spans several generation. You and your partner have to get each other to guess sayings. It becomes harder when the timer is running! Lip Sync Battle This is a personal favorite and modern classic. Better than karaoke!
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Lip sync battle is a favorite among my sisters.