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THE SCAREDY SWAN: US studio Acme Filmworks Brings a Classic Carol to Life

Everyone knows the "12 Days of Christmas". There's the calling birds, the French hens, the turtle doves, but what no one knows is just how difficult it was to get all seven of those 'a-swimming' swans! In this seasonal 3D animation, "The Scaredy Swan", Acme Filmworks tells the story of the seventh swan - the swan who was just a little afraid of swimming. Commissioned by PNC, the short film is the brainchild of married animators Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet, who met while attending French computer graphics university Supinfocom. For more of their equally incredible animated shorts, check out their official Vimeo account in the link below.
love it
@FayeWebster It strangely reminds me of when I first started learning how to swim, hahaha
delightful...we all need that nudge sometimes
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