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My Landyatchz mystery box was delivered at 1:00 today. I am ecstatic at what I got! 1. Yellow bear 180mm trucks 2. Prototype wheels pretty cool 3. Bear dice and an assortment of stickers 4. 70mm 80a mini zombie hawgs 5. Landyatchz tshirt (small) and socks (large) 6. The most important thing in the box the Landyatchz Loco 35" deck Side note: the last pic is the stuff I was going to use to open my box but I was pressured to open it with my hands. @mikerosa92 @MicahKnopp @filirican my collection of sharp things. @EmilySalzsieder hope you get some really good stuff too. Can't wait to see what you get.
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FRICKIN EPIC BRO!! Merry Christmas!! :D
That's awesome.
@danielspazjames Awesome! That's a great mystery box! How much was it? I'll take the small shirt :P hahaha!
and holy crap balls! you have a sharp arsenal of "box cutters" lmao
Those prototype wheels look like some fine ass thane for sliding