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So the beer can oat soda dp 35. Idk where to start. I really love the micro drop it has plus with the flared gas pedals it really locks you in for sliding. it broke so easy and smoothly. Idk how to describe it.compared to other boards. I personally not a big fan of shorter boards. so I was a little sketched out down hill. But after a few runs I fell in love with this board. plus with the knuckle busters (the holes in the board).made it really easy to carry back up the hills. there are kicks on it but they're flat which I prefer for free style. just to short for me to do any grab tricks comfortably. if I had gotten the 42in I would marry it. But with it being 35 I didn't do a lot of free style. the truck system is pretty weird. first it doesn't take normal normal screws. it has screed with out the flat spot to screw in plus it does not go through the goes into these 2 metal blocks that slide back and forth for different wheel base options. kind of a bitch to switch trucks but really easy to switch wheel bases. over all I'd say one of my favorite boards I've ridden or owned. I love it and can't wait to take it back home and shed hills I know.
How stiff is it
@ThtYoungElwoodJ it was noticeable more then others but not to bad
Does the aluminum have any vibrations noticeably worse than wood DH decks?
I've been looking at Beercan boards for awhile, thanks for the review! Might buy one for my next board!
Yeah I know but I still have to save up the money.
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