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Landyachtz mystery box socks review!
Ok first off I wanna point out how good these are considering the price, I mean, $150 for a pair of socks?!?! Well lemme tell you something, they're worth it!! (Plus you get a board but who wants that when you have SSSSSOOOOOCCCCCKKKKKSSS) These socks are really just amazing. Best socks I've ever bought. They slide so easily, its incredible. It's almost like they have a mind of their own. They leave so much lint, like seriously buckets and buckets of lint I've gone up 30 steez points since I put them on. One last thing, I know this doesn't affect the wear of the socks or anything, but the colors are freakin amazing. The dull gray blends so well with the bright red, its just pure eye candy to me. Thanks for listening to this review. (This is a parody of wheel reviews, but seriously they slide so much if you run in your tile hallway. I fell like 3 times and I put them on 5 minutes ago.)
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