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“Cold-bloodedly killing the reputation of their own colleagues and brothers”. Those are the words used by Pope Francis to describe the Curia, the administrative pinnacle of the Roman Catholic Church. If there is any doubt that this new Pope is out to fix the corruption of the “Church,” this should really dispel it. At the end of his pre-Christmas speech to the cardinals, “there was silence.” It has long been known that there is something wrong with the Church. It has been criticized for all its scandals, by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, as well as its ignorance of the poverty that many Catholics face throughout the world. And finally, the message has been echoed by the man who matters the most (at least, within the Church’s hierarchy), the Pope. In his scathing speech, Pope Francis claims that the Curia is being plagued 15 “ailments,” including the following: Spiritual Alzheirmer's Feeling immortal or immune Suffering from existential schizophrenia Committing terrorism of gossip Becoming spiritually and mentally hardened In a word: ouch! Essentially the Pope called his Curia “egotistical, disconnected gossips who consider themselves above the rest of the world” (these are my words, not anyone else’s lol). That is how I interpreted his speech, and I, for one, am so happy he did it. Not only because I am Catholic, but because I am glad to see any leader, of any major institution, look at the corruption of his system, and challenge them so directly. Have I ever seen that before? No. Do I hope others (hint: Mr Obama) follow suit? Yes.
@Goyo I guess that is true: when you feel comfortable and safe, you're much more likely to make these big statements. Still, as a leader, they should be brave enough to say what needs to be said, even if it might risk their position.
@greggr I worked at congress before and the most important phrase I ever heard was "that is political suicide"...
@greggr would it be possible to expect this type of honesty from any other world leaders? I guess the Pope enjoys the fact that he cannot really be replaced; a privilege other leaders do not enjoy
It's great to see a leader ready to show his followers and supporters that they're not in the right: that takes a lot of guts.