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So im lookinh for a kayak too fish from. I need something versatile, I would use it from shallow creeks, (so need strong bottom for scrape) to white water in the river, and something steady enough for the open water and waves in the great lakes. (erie and Ontario) I know some of you yak and figure I should get some input here.. @yakwithalan
Id recommend checking out: pensacolafishingforum.com They have a kayak fishing section and they have no problem answering questions on there, great way to pick up new tips and tricks. They got me my first red drum on the fly out of a kayak
I'd recommend a sit-on top kayak for starters, as you're just beginning and these are easier to get back in once you tip out (which you're bound to do once or twice). Other than that, the Thresher 140 was a favorite of mine, and it handled up to about class 2 rapids, though I don't have much experience with rapids so i'm not sure what to recommend on that front. My main advice woudl be to go sit in a few kayaks at a local store if you can, and then read a few reviews on each one to see if it'll match what you want. If you have any specific ones you're looking at you'd like advice on let me know.
Hello JustinRussell . I'm from the mid west and recently got into the kayaks myself . I will be interested to know more about this also . I believe ur on the right track with asking @yakwithalan .