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Opened my box!!! I got... A boxful of swag (as landyachtz promised) Stickers Dice A pair of socks A shirt (size small yay!) A poster A Catalog A set of Mini Monster Hawgs 80a 70mm wheels A set of Mini Zombie Hawgs 80a 70mm Aaaaaaaand.... *drumroll please* A pintail. I had a feeling I'd get one, but hey, this boards actually pretty sweet. It's got nice concave so I can lock my feet in (my other board has little to no concave) and it is obviously longer so I can stretch out my stance a bit more. Plus, it's got awesome graphics that fit me perfectly, as I'm a geek of literature (it has quotes from books and such on it) and it has a cute lil squid. My mom thinks it's an octopus but yeah. (She's still trying to convince me it's an octopus and it's been 10 minutes since I opened the box already) Aaanyyywaayyy.. I'd say this really surprised me!
@steezus I bet you would have never guessed that we'd get the same thing.
Ooo that is some awesome graphics...20,000 leagues under the sea!
Nice haul!! I am the master guesser.
Yup! @DanielSpazJames (: @steezus you should get an award for that. haha! @drlizardo @RichardSchafer I'm in love *-*@crazyheart
Every longboarder should own a pintail!! :) sweet
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