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"The army and people of the DPRK are fully ready to stand in confrontation with the US in all war spaces including cyber warfare space.” Those are the words of the National Defense Commission, the most powerful body in North Korea. These threats are nothing new, but are they without merit? I know that many of us, myself included, have judged North Korea’s reactions are aggressive, excessive, and completely out of line. The issue that I am starting to think about more and more, though, is maybe one that not many want to think about: are we out of line in making this movie? Let’s step back and think about what would happen if a movie were released depicting the murder of Barack Obama. We have had a lot of movies where the President is the main target, but rarely does the President die… Also, isn’t it peculiar that in almost all movies (and all in which the President dies), the President is a fictitious character. Different name, different background, different everything. Why do we think that is? What would happen if Sony were to roll out a movie where Barack Obama would be assassinated in an explicitly violent manner? Do we really think that people would just be ok with that? I am sorry, but I (and maybe it is just me) do not think that would sit well with a TON of Americans. I am not saying that I want that movie to be made, rather I am saying if we think about that scenario, could we not then understand why the North Korean government is so inflamed because of this movie? NOTE: The image is of South Korean TV news show.
I've wanted to see this movie since the trailer came out, and think Kim Jong Un and Il have always been so easy to make fun of, which, everyone does make fun of them. There have been way worse depictions of the Un's, ex. Team America, The Adventures of Kim Jong Un. Heck, America makes fun of the president plenty, name and all. I think having free speech and expressing it is important, which most "controversial" shows such as South Park and Family Guy literally make fun of everything and everyone. I think maybe America is used to it? Usually if there's something on a show that someone gets upset about, there's a 5 minute "this offends me" segment on a news network, then people forget it. I do however, think for this, you are correct. America can make fun of the president, Doctor Who sort of killed him, and I never heard anything about that until I watched the episode and was slightly intrigued they actually named Barack instead of just a nameless president, but if NK made a movie about solely killing him, then yeah, they'd probably take it as a threat, seeing as how NK has threatened before.
@EightyNine you don't think that if hollywood (or anyone for that matter) came out with a movie depicting the murder of Barack Obama that it would not cause an uproar or the CIA looking into their privacy? I personally am pretty sure the CIA would basically know everything about that person before the movie trailer was even released! Were we not the nation that created the Patriot act?
I don't think it would cause quite the same reaction. I feel like a lot of people would just shrug it off as strange north korean behavior
@DeinNomos the thing that is different with the Interview is also how Kim Jong Un was depicted by an actor meant to look like him. Its one thing if it is an animation, or just mentioned, but to actually depict the graphic death of leader of state? I think any country would not be pleased, to say the least lol