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My buddy from Paris Trucks is staying with me this coming weekend from California. He agreed to do a Q&A. If there's anything you guys wanna know, he's willing to take 20 questions! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to ask him! :)
I called him when I needed a bunch of stuff. He helped me out, and told me he's coming to Jersey so I told him if he needed a place, my door is open.
You lucky girl! How do you know him? I don't have any questions but I love my Paris trucks *_*
Ah, I'll ask him! They are def coming out with new trucks that they've been working on for 2 years now. I know nothing else out there is made the same way so it's suppose to be a game changer, but idk about Adam Colton's!
My question is "is there any chance that the Adam Colton pro trucks could make a comeback? Maybe since Paris v2's are out they could make Adam Colton v2's?" I really hope he says that they're working on it.
Lol! Of course there will be pics! He's staying with me and we're going to the City to check out Rockefeller, Times Square, Longboard Loft, and Bustin!
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