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My buddy from Paris Trucks is staying with me this coming weekend from California. He agreed to do a Q&A. If there's anything you guys wanna know, he's willing to take 20 questions! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to ask him! :)
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@steezus I just posted a recent photo of him on this post. On the photo, he's on the left with Danny Connor, Max Dubler, and Max Capps at the Rumble at the Ranch. You will see a photo or video of me with him by this Friday! :)
@steezus he said they're coming out with new colors! And your username is clever hahaha!!!!
So imma assume thats a negative on the Adam Colton's @mpoblete ?
I'll have him look at this post when he gets here on Friday! :) @steezus
How much rake is there in their trucks compared to Randall's.